tulle falls - projection of large aquatic bugs in two pools below a projected waterfall
Tulle Falls


Large Dino models hanging from trees with lasers covering them

Ahhh…immersive environment installations. I love making them. They get stuck in my head, and the only way I can remove them is by making them. Going into one may very well be like journeying into my brain

Projection Art

The Bee Cell - walk into a projected bee hive

Projectors are like lights with superpowers. When you match the right unorthodox screen with the right imagery, the effects can be jaw-dropping. I remember feeling the same sense of awe over some projected art we’d created as I had when seeing the Northern Lights directly overhead in northern Canada. Now, that’s saying something.


One my many doodles...

I can’t stop. Put a piece of paper and a pen in front of me and I will inevitably start doodling. My particular joy is to create doodles from random squiggles as I have no idea what will come out of it. It’s rather like having my hand do its own thing while I watch.

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