De-Centralized Park

Abstract projected skyscraper windows and superstructure projected on 4 sided building-like screens.

De-Centralized Park was originally conceived to be the backdrop for the main dance floor at the Fishbon 2011-to-2012 New Year’s Eve party. Clay had written a play that was supposed to marry Swan Lake with Occupy Wall Street. As such, much of the action would take place in a penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park in New York. When Clay outlined the plot and setting to me, the entire vision of an installation, comprising the buildings edging Central Park, suddenly flashed across my mind. I would make ten three-dimensional screens that looked like skyscrapers. They would be deliberately wonky, have tapered tops and a perspective that was so forced it would feel like they were leaning towards the viewer. Using three projectors and a VJing program, I’d map abstract windows and structural elements onto them then set the whole installation bopping along with the music.

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