Testing Flatlite for the First Time
Testing Flatlite for the First Time

Yesterday, my friend Ricardo gave me several boxes of lighting that were being thrown out. It included a collection of something called Flatlite. I’d heard of this before but never seen it. They’re flattened strips of electroluminescent wire that can be cut to shape and apparently sequenced. It needs a pretty hefty transformer to make it function. Happily two of these were included.

My friend, Erika Woo, came by and we checked it out.

The strips we have are pink when not lit up but turn white when turned on. I tested them with lighting gels and, lo, they accept all colors.

She suggested we visit the Flatlite video gallery to see what people have done with it.
Check it out. It’s very cool and, as it turns out, is very expensive stuff.

Now we have to figure out what to do with it and how it can be sequenced.

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