Dancers infront of scroll screens showing a projected green succulent

Nymphaea: Collaboration with Nik Blaskovich, Ethan Turpin, Ted Mills, and Robin Bisio

Robin, Ted, and Nik asked me to join their team after they discovered that the gallery for their Lotusland dance movie was much bigger than they’d anticipated. To pad it out we agreed on doing an abstract of Lotusland itself using multiple projectors. To this purpose and to make sure we got good footage, I brought Ethan on board, and off we went to Lotusland for three days of filming and photography.

Lotusland Land proved to be so eccentric that doing a series of regular screens simply couldn’t evoke the underlying sensation of the garden. I found that by segmenting a single screen into five hanging scrolls and placing some forward of the others we ended up with a dazzling effect that made even projection of tree bark extraordinary. Expanding upon this idea we filled the main gallery with an array of different screens and imagery that never stopped piquing interest.

It was a very successful show and formed the backdrop for the VIP party at the beginning of the 2011 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

DAncer infront of a projected scroll screen cactus
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