Bee Cell

Bee Cell 1.0 took place at a pop up exhibition on State Street, in Santa Barbara.
Ethan Turpin and I projected some bee imagery from an incredible wild hive on to five acid washed changing room doors. By chance, the middle room was hexagonal and painted yellow. With sound added, it felt like being in the middle of the hive itself.

Around this time, Nancy Gifford was starting the process of curating a show about bees for Ganna Walska Lotusland and brought us on board. We agreed to make “Bell Cell”; a hexagonal chamber with large panes of acid washed glass acting as screens on each of the six walls. We projected videos of pversized bees on to them using three projectors. It was like being in the hive once again only much much more so.

Bee Cell from JOn Smith on Vimeo.

© Copyright Jonathan PJ Smith