Trigon Spores

For Lucidity Festival 2013, I was tasked with lighting up a 150′ stretch of tree covered dirt track that led abruptly downhill to the Audiowaska Stage. As time was limited, as were resources, I opted to make a collection of three sided, elongated pyramids that I would illuminate from inside using some LED lights I already owned. People loved them. As my friend, Dom said, “You look at them and go: Aaaaahhhh”.

I knew, at that point, that they were excellent candidates for Lucidity Festival 2014 – Theme: Universe.

Along with my crew, we made well over 100 new “Trigons” and, in combination with the older ones, created 24 discrete patches along the main route through the festival ground. They were like abstract mushrooms from a different planet. I also wanted to create the sense that of them were coming into maturity. To achieve this effect we placed specially doctored rotating LED lights beneath the biggest pyramids. The movement was like a slowly spinning galaxy that in theory announced that the Trigon had reached adulthood and was ready to procreate.

© Copyright Jonathan PJ Smith