Unstable Reality

I came across an art gallery at Burning Man that was using a type of 3D glasses I’d not experienced before. I learned that each lens was in fact a flattened prism that caused red to sit in the foreground while blue took up the rear. Orange, pink, yellow and green lay somewhere in between. I knew immediately that one day I would use them to make an installation.

Unstable Reality consisted of three chambers and a passage way.

Chamber One represented the First Dimension and was created by dabbing the walls with a galaxy of the colored pin points of paint.

Chamber Two represented the Second Dimension through the use of the line and, where possible, lateral movement. The floor was “tiled” in red and blue paint giving it the impression of almost having to be waded through than walk over it. On the far wall a double pendulum swung across the wall. This piece was true effort of collaboration: I’d realized the potential of an art piece based upon the chaotic swing of the second pendulum, Dominique Reboul came up with the idea of adding a red and blue square to the tip of it and Alan Macy had figured out how to make the contraption itself. Painting everything flat black except for the red and blue square allowed the latter to move laterally in space in the most bizarre and baffling manner.

Leaving the second chamber, the viewer edged past a realm of odd insectoids and into Chamber Three, representing the Third Dimension through the used of the orb and 3D movement. Stepping into this chamber jerked the whole room into sudden movement while a great and instant shout of rattles filled the chamber courtesy of a hundred orbs on springy wire, each filled with metal pellets. Around the viewer everything was a pandemonium of motion with all visulas made surrealistic by the use of the 3D glasses.




© Copyright Jonathan PJ Smith