Projection Art

Projection art is alive. It takes a surface that is static and makes it dynamic. Adding dimension that confounds the brain just enough makes the imagery endlessly interesting.

projected sea creatures at the Animal Museum

Projections of jellyfish and anemones

Giant projected water bugs in pools with a waterfall

Projections of waterfalls and water bugs.

Opening night of SBCAST grid projection

Projections of grid patterns on buildings

Entering Wildfie at Bren School UCSB

Projections of fire on “scroll screens”

Giant projected white ants

Projections of enormous white ants

abstract water projections on the Arlington ceiling

Projections of abstract water on the ceiling

Inside the bee cell

Projections of large bees on a hexagonal chamber

waer projection on the ground

Projections of water patterns on the ground

Nymphaea: the plants of Lotusland

Projections of Lotusland plants on multiple screens

De-Centralized park. Building on building projection

Projections of building features on 3D building screens

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