The Boiler Room

The Boiler Room started out by being a backdrop to the Fishbon play, Frankensteinena. Dominique Reboul and I built it in the same style as we’d made the Robot/Monster and it was a thundering success.

The Boiler Room pieces are like Lego, so when New Year’s Eve rolled around we put it all back together, only this time, in a completely different configuration. It included several interactive elements and Alan Macy’s first iteration of the Heart Beat Amplifier.

It became apparent that it was an excellent installation to try out odd new ideas and thus the Spinning Truth Mirror, The Unhandy Hands, and The Repeater Mic were born. We took it to LA to a Do-Lab event (see video here) then allowed it to join forces with Walkabout Woods for Lighting in a Bottle and Burning Man. For that latter event, we added The Microtch and The 2 Ways Mirror along with the Mama Cube. It kicked ass.

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